Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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The need for new

Oh how my body need something new a new way to move

Honesty JAN- FEB

These last few months of university have been a great challenge for me I feel as if I don’t connect with dance as I used to and the thought of me losing my love for it have scared the s**t out of me. So I have found it extremely hard to engage with anything in regards to dance at uni level, I’ve looked back at my journal and there are hardly and entries. And this is a result to the neglect I have been showing my course. I have found myself working more on my business and dancing in and for different projects and companies in order to keep my true love alive. I would be lying if I said I get all I need from the course because I don’t, I am in a place where I’m longing to move forward but I feel stagnant and suffocated which is stifling my movement. From today I will let go and just be who I can when I’m in class but at the moment I’m not feeling uni at all

Decemeber review

December and January What has become very intriguing to me is the naval radiation pattern I have found that I connect with this more, in regards to noticing it in my other classes. This pattern makes me think of my centre and my core and projecting what has come from the middle outward. With the movement patterns explored i have noticed the spine the most, soft spine and the casing around it , this gives me the imagery of the body being split into to halves either vertically ,with the use of right side and left side of horizontally using the upper and lower body in different ways. Noticing these things have affected the way I do the simply activities as walking, standing and sitting.

Monday, 3 December 2012

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a lilly dance

Nov review

what i understand about patterns

Navel Radition= awearness of the centre and looking at the limbs that stem from that very centre,
2arms, 2 legs a head and a tail which is the top of the skull and the base of the tail.  this radiation spreads through these six limbs allowing stimualtion . making it AWEAR that everything that we engage with is initiated from the centre, this has a close connection to growing in the embryo. allowing use to remember things we once knew.

Mouthing pattern= again goes back to the baby stages retriving information we were once familiar with. as a baby you use your mouth to initiate movement, for example when a baby is trying to find the breasts for feeding, they tend to start with movement of the mouth, using the smell and movement to find it. This gets the digestive system going. this pattern spurs up th notion of being in two halves on the inside of the body. The line that seperates the two sides is the digestive system.

Pre spinal pattern= 3lines in the body, digestive/Noto cord/Uro tube. Noto cord is the soft tissue in the back that become the disc
and the uro tube becomes the brain and the spinal cord. which is all protected by a boney incasement

The yield and push pattern= with this pattern i understand that when yielding its like sinking, leaving an inprint and /or melting is the imagery that comes to mind. you yeild so far that you rebound out of the yeild, the energy of sinking takes you so far you bounce back from it